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Demystifying Dissertation Writing - Thesis Writing Tips

Academic writing isn't easy, and at we're never going to pretend it is. We don't believe it's as hard as many students seem to think, though, and it's likely that there's a lot of unnecessary anxiety in the air as the end of term approaches and the deadlines for papers and dissertations draw near. In the hope of sparing people's nerves as much as possible we thought it would be a good idea to spend a bit of time demystifying dissertation writing.

Where most people seem to go wrong with academic writing is by spending too much time on the actual writing and not enough on working out what to write. If that seems a bit counter-intuitive, think again! The actual writing involved in an essay or dissertation isn't all that hard. Unlike creative writing there's no need to develop strong images or subtle descriptions; a terse, factual writing style is just fine. The hard bit is working out what information to include and in what order.

The first step in demystifying dissertation writing is to make clear exactly what a dissertation is (and what it isn't.) A dissertation, basically, is a demonstration that you know your subject well enough to be awarded a degree in it. The way it does that is by stating a question - also known as the thesis - then discussing the evidence for and against it, and finally coming to a conclusion. This make sit obvious that there's a certain structure required. Lots of students get frightened by the idea of having to follow a structure, but in fact it makes writing a dissertation much easier; all you have to do is learn what sections you need to include, and what goes in each one, and much of the mystery is gone. A great way to work out the perfect structure is to look at sample dissertations and see how other students have done it. We can provide you with high quality samples that you can use as the perfect template.

Another thing that gives many students trouble is working out how to format and present their dissertation. There are a few ground rules followed by most schools, and again our sample dissertations will be a big help there. Your own school may have its own rules, though, so check what they are. Again these actually make it easier; you don't have to work out what looks best - just follow the rules and you'll be fine.

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If anything else about your dissertation is still puzzling you, feel free to get in touch with us. Demystifying dissertation writing is only part of what we do, and we can give you a wide range of other support. To find out more, email us now.

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